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Qazvin - Ferdowsi Street - Above the Ferdowsi Road - Next to Dialysis Center - Mehrgan Specialty and Specialty Hospital

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Why Mehregan Hospital?

Mehregan Specialized and Specialized Hospital with facilities and beautiful atmosphere in accordance with the principles of modern psychology and design to create a relaxing and pleasant environment for respected patients and their companions, as well as the presence of knowledgeable and fluent medical practitioners as well as kind and experienced staff in All Sections: Emergency, Eye, Otolaryngology, Nose, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, CCU, ICU and Paraclinic: Laboratory, Endoscopy, Echo, Exercise Test, Pharmacy, Ultrasound, Radiology, CT Scan, Physiotherapy We are ready to serve the beloved people of our country.
The hospital also has the privilege of making the admission process easier for dear patients because of being on contract with most public and private insurers.