Holding firefighting maneuver on 17th January 2015

Thursday 17th January 2015 a fire fighting maneuver was held in Mehregan hospital. This maneuver was held by the hospital’s staff and crisis team in partnership with firefighting agents and police officers.

Since human societies are progressing and moving toward success, we must not forget the probability of occurring accidents that could happen in every possession, to avoid this accidents we have to consider the issue of riskiness in various buildings.

In treatment and caring possessions (hospitals), considering the situation of the building and citizens in it, we must be sensible, and plan seriously for safety and training.

Therefore, in order to decrease risks and decrease losses while occurring accidents; we must plan for the Prevention and Educating how to protect against accidents and diseases.

One of the most important Proceedings to coordinate hospital’s internal teams and helping organizations specially firefighting stations is holding maneuvers. The maneuver scenario and Hospital emergency evacuation was as follows:

Promoting scientific and practical levels of employees and updating operational tactics of Extinction and rescue in various places

coordination between firefighters and hospital staff in maneuvers and operations

Proper use of Extinguishing and Rescue tools and equipments

Commanders management during crisis

knowing the location and internal structure of the hospital

Enhance throughput of forces

to see the photos of the maneuver please go to “about hospital>photo gallery”

reported by Amirshahi/ public relations, Mehregan Hospital