SONOGRAPHY& Mammography



Sonography is one of the supplementary imaging methods and is useful in the following cases: 

  • 1-Allows a definite diagnosis about uncertain mammography results
  • 2-Allows diagnosis of cystic lesions (hollow or fluid filled)   
  • 3-Diagnosing some solid masses with special sonography images
  • 4-Serves as a guide for needle aspiration 





Mammography ward of Mehregan Hospital has the most sophisticated mammography device of the day , that are also used in the United States. This ward enjoys cooperation of a skilled cadre and is equipped with full digital DDR, Hologic Selenia and is ready to present high quality services. 


Nowadays, breast cancer in most countries of the world is the most prevalent lethal disease of women. Unfortunately it has an increasing trend. 

Studies prove that breast cancer is the main reason of cancer related mortality in women between 30 to 45 years old.


It is important to motivate patients to learn self-examination of their breast. Based on the assumption of the American Cancer Association, women have to check their breasts since they become 20. Any of the signs

observed during self-examination shall be reported to the physician.


  • Mass or inflammatory mass
  • Skin dimpling or inflammation
  • Pain or dimpling of the nipples
  • Scaling or erythema of the nipples or breast skin
  • Secretion of liquids other than milk from the nipples