Endoscopy and colonoscopy


The endoscopy and colonoscopy unit of Mehregan Hospital has recruited highly capable 

physicians and staff whose access to the modern medical equipment allows them to provide

the clients with therapeutic and gastroenterological checkup services at a high quality level.

The unit is situated on the ground floor next to the emergency ward, so that it can be easily

accessed by the clients.

Diagnostic outpatient colonoscopy and endoscopy of the upper gastroenterological system are

two services provided at this unit.

What is endoscopy?

Endoscopy is a method that makes it possible to observe the internal organs of the body and

allows diagnosis of problems at and treatment of the upper gastroenterological system when

the patients complain from pain at their abdomen and stomach or when they have problems in

swallowing, or have other problems such as vomiting, bleeding, injury, and tumors.

What is an endoscope?

It is a long and thin instrument of high flexibility that is introduced into the body to view the

internal parts. It receives images of the internal parts of the body. Details of the images are

displayed on a monitor that allows the physician to diagnose the problem. Endoscope makes it

possible to remove a polyp. It also can burn the place of injuries to stop the bleeding.

Endoscope takes samples of abnormal tissues , an action which is known as biopsy.

What is colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy helps us to diagnose colon diseases including polyp, colon cancer, chronic

inflammation of colon and infections. Such diseases can cause colon cancers.

Colon cancer is the most prevalent cancers in both men and women. It can afflict several

members in a family. Colonoscopy is a prevalent method that allows early diagnosis of colon

cancer. Colon cancer, at its early stages, demonstrates itself in the form of a polyp hanging

inside the colon. Not all polyps are cancerous; however, they should be observed and

examined precisely. Colon cancer demonstrate itself with signs like black excrete, blood in

excrete, and changes in excretion habits.

What is a colonoscope?

A colonoscope is a flexible tube introduced into anus, to pass through the colon. The

instrument is equipped with a light source that allows transmission of the images to the

monitor and ultimately helps the physician to see the colon inside