Intensive cares unit of Mehregan Hospital , on first floor , including 7 beds , has been equipped for the purpose of presenting optimum diagnostic, therapeutic and care services in critical and acute conditions. It is attended by specialists and nurses who has completed ICU course. The ward is equipped with state of the art facilities like respiratory assisting equipment, hemodynamic monitoring, cardiopulmonary resuscitation devices and presents the following services:

  1. Intensive respiratory cares
  2. Intensive cardiac cares
  3. Intensive renal cares
  4. Intensive internal and surgical cares (In critical gastroenterological, endocrinologic , neurological, orthopedic conditions and cancers, etc.)
  5. Intensive neurosurgical and vertebral column surgeries cares
  6. Intensive post-surgical cares for high risk patients
  7. Intensive cares in vital multi-organs failures
  8. Patients and relatives education on home cares