The subspecialty ward of ophthalmology was established with the purpose of offering special ophthalmicservicimproving health care standards and for improving the quality of the therapeutic procedures. Enjoying the cooperation of ophthalmological subspecialists and specialists, modern equipment and knowledge of the day, the ward provides its clients with the therapeutic services of the highest quality level.

Ophthalmic Surgery Unit  

Having been enjoying from its experienced personnel and specialists, this unit provides high quality services as follow:

  • 1-Ring Implanting for Keratoconus (CCL)
  • 2-Strabismus (Diplopia)
  • 3-Astigmatism
  • 4-Pterygium  
  • 5- Probing Nasolacrimal Duct in Children 
  • 6-Probing Nasolacrimal Duct in Adults (OCR)
  • 7-Ophthalmic Cyst
  • 8-Chalazion
  • 9- Trabectome Surgery
  • 10-Cataract
  • 11-Vitrectomy Surgery
  • 12-Intracorneal rings implant   
  • 13-Lens Implant
  • 14-Cosmetic Eye Surgery
  • 15- Ptosis