Ideals and Objectives

Our ideal would be to present specialized medical services with best quality in accordance with national and international standards in a pleasant environment, complying with patient rights in order to PRESERVATION OF HUMAN DIGNITY, Relying on the grace of God and hospital's Valuable capitals meaning expert human resources, Advanced medical equipment, and modern information technologies, and through this, play an Effective and constructive role in maintaining and improving the health of our society and future generations.

In order to fulfill this missions, we defined our goals Based on Clinical governance system, as they follow:

  • Providing reliable specialized medical services to patients using expert staff, advanced medical equipment and new information and communication technologies of without delay and additional costs.
  • Prioritizing the patient-centered principle and providing a quiet, safe, and pleasurable environment to satisfy customers and preparing them to gain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Accelerating the recovery process of patients
  • Respecting the patient rights and human dignity
  • Caring the human resources as the most valuable capitals of the hospital and motivating them to participate in enhancing the level of serving patients.
  • Continuously enhancing the quality of services provided, by updating the standards
  • Knowledge centering and qualifying employees through continuous training of human resources at all levels.
  • Responsibility to stakeholders and taking into account their interests
  • Taking advantage of the support of insurance companies to impose the least cost to the patient for advanced equipment and facilities
  • Firm belief in the effectiveness of the teamwork with various hospital committees.

Increasing the level of satisfaction of clients and employees