The subspecialty unit of Mehregan Hospital was inaugurated in 2011 in Ghazvin province  with the purpose of improving the quality of diagnostic and therapeutic services of ophthalmic diseases. This ward benefits from the most sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, skillful ophthalmologists and expert personnel and makes attempt to present unique services to its patients.

The diagnostic-therapeutic facilities of this ward are unique not only across Ghazvin province but also in the neighboring provinces and such facilities are only available in large provinces.  Using such facilities, the residents of this province can satisfy their demands without needing to refer to other provinces.

The clinic includes:

  • Cornea clinic (Cataract- Keratoconus)
  • Retina clinic , providing the following services:


The services of the clinic:

  • 1-diagnostic interventions including :
    • corneal imaging(Pentacam) ,
    • retinal imaging (OCT),
    • retinal angiography ( Heidelgerg digital monitoring device),
    • ·ophthalmologic echography (A scan, B scan),
    • intraocular lens power determination (with IOL MASTERE ZEISS)


  • 2-therapeutic interventions:
  • Refractory errors corrections (Lasik and Lasek) ,
  • retinal lasers (diabetic patients),
  • CXL for patients afflicted with Keratoconus.