The emergency ward of Mehregan Hospital , uses the latest medical capabilities

and equipment. Round‐the clock medical services are provided by experienced

general physicians and educated personnel.

The emergency ward consists of 5 bed equipped with monitoring, operating room

for outpatients, and CPR room with all required facilities. The services offered

cover also medical consultations and diagnosis of cardiac, orthopedic,

ophthalmologic, ENT, Urologic, pediatric and internal diseases.

The ward consists of the following units:

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Room: Cardiac‐Pulmonary Resuscitation by
  • CPR team, at the CPR room equipped with the state of the art facilities.
  • Outpatient Operating Room: A fully sterilized environment, having all
  • modern equipment required for surgical operations like circumcision,
  • suturing, bracing, casting, tissue lacerations caused due to accidents.
  • Circumcision by general surgeons
  • Outpatient visiting and dispatching them when hospitalization is required
  • to the pertinent wards
  • Injecting, serum therapy, and dressing as ordered by the physicians and
  • under their supervision
  • ECG and larynx endoscopy with advanced method
  • The emergency ward can easily access other supporting units such as
  • radiology, laboratory, pharmacy and operating rooms.